Monday, May 16, 2011

Seriously? You Have a Driver's License? (Part 3 of 3--The Woman and the Guardrail)

I am truly not a person who finds automobile accidents humorous, but this blog reveals the most hilarious incident I have ever seen. I just shook my head and thought, "She is one in a million!"

After moving to Northern Virginia, I learned quickly that there are more than a few individuals who have NO clue how to drive safely in snow. That was obvious when half an inch of snow resulted in a 115-car pileup our first winter there. From that moment on, I knew I could always expect the unexpected.

The highway department was usually very efficient in snow preparation; however, after a late-night, early-morning snowfall of 7-9 inches, the snowplows had been out, but the sanding trucks had not. The roads were snow packed yet very icy in spots. As I was slowly making the nine-mile journey to work, I creeped up to a stoplight, only to see what I thought was the funniest sight ever!

Picture This!!

Heavy snow pushed up so high against a guardrail that it was almost entirely covered.

A car balancing carefully atop the guardrail...all four tires hanging in limbo.

A woman rolling down her car window and ever so slightly leaning toward the window...obviously trying not to force the car to topple over the edge.

A policeman staring upward at her probably thinking to himself: "How the hell did you get up THERE?"

I giggled all the way to work wondering: "How did she ever unintentionally, of course, get her car on the guardrail perfectly balanced? She was very lucky in that respect, but how would she manage to get out of the car without it tumbling in either direction? Would she jump? Oh...perhaps the officer would offer to catch her. :) I can imagine the stories they both had to tell that day!

Where was my camera when I needed it?

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