Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's Not MY Job!!

Having been married for 35 years, I learned early on that if you don't particularly like doing a household task, then DON'T DO IT!! If you willingly choose to do it, then the task will become YOURS! You will own it!! It is possible, however, to undo this catastrophic mistake through pouting, whining, tears, and abstinent behavior! Oh me, Oh, my--a Freudian slip! I meant to say obstinate behavior. But if abstinence works for you, even better!

I'm not sure how long it took to train TC, my adorable other half, but I do so much love my pedestal! Yes! I admit it--I am totally spoiled! In my world, there is nothing better. Let me share my "NOT MY JOB" list with you.


  • I despise yard work! Thus, I haven't mowed a lawn in more than 25 years. I used to mow until he wanted a riding mower. Great! I'll buy you one, but don't expect me to use it-- It's not MY job!

  • I have never, and I do mean never, cooked on a BBQ grill, and we BBQ all year long. BBQ'ing is a man's world--it's not MY job!

  • I'll go fishing with anyone who asks me, but don't dare ask me to bait my hook with anything that's alive--that is definitely not MY job!

  • There was a time while living in Virginia that I went 4 years (unless I was traveling out of town for work) without putting gas in my car. What woman wants to smell like gasoline? To this day, I still don't unless I'm on the road alone or with a companion. It's not MY job!

  • I buy TC any boy toy he wants--chainsaws, leaf blowers, snow blowers, weed eaters, any kind of shovels (thought I should clarify "boy toys"), but never expect me to use one. It's not MY job!

  • I love decorating for the holidays, especially Christmas, including outdoor lights, reindeer, candy canes, etc., but don't think I'll be helping to display any of them. It's not MY job!

  • Speaking of lights, I have never changed a burned out light bulb that's more than shoulder high. It's not MY job!

  • When the power goes out, I never reset any of the clocks in the house. I don't work, don't have to be anywhere at any given moment. They can blink endlessly because to set them is not MY job!

  • One major rule at my house is... If you break it, you fix it. If I break it, you fix it. Why? It's not MY job!

  • When taking a vacation, I never put anything into the car--that's why I have my "Cabana Boy." Oh, and he has gotten so good at packing the car over the years. I'm so happy that this is not MY job!

  • I hate grocery shopping. And yes, there was a time when I went 3 years without stepping foot into one of those stores. I should explain, though, that TC was home from work before me, drove right by the store while on his way home, and would stop to "pick up" a few items. In fact, that's when he actually began his "cooking" career...and I loved it!

  • If I do happen to go to the grocery store, I refuse to buy beer. I don't drink I don't buy it. It's not MY job!

  • In regard to cooking, it's a fact that today 27% of all men are the chief cooks in their household. In the UK, it's 50%. Climb on that pedestal, Ladies! It is no longer OUR job!!

  • Just because I love to shop does not mean that I should buy my own gifts. Put that remote down and get moving. It's not MY job!

  • What I Do!

    I imagine that you're wondering by now what is it that I actually do. I'm on that pedestal remember, so I do anything I want!

  • Well, almost anything. I do the laundry even though it's not my favorite thing to do, but draw the line at filthy, grimy, pungent work clothes. That is NOT my job!

  • I do the cleaning...which is worse than laundry on a scale of 1 to 10.

  • I manage our money and pay the bills. Heaven forbid that anything should happen to me because TC would need to hire an accountant.

  • I make all of the appointments whether it's for the doctor, dentist, driver's license, contractor, etc. Oh, wait! TC DOES make the calls to order pizza, only because I think he should feel "needed."

  • I cook as little as possible with the exception of holiday dinners. If it's my night to cook, it will be "dine out" or "take out." He never should have started cooking if he didn't want to make it HIS JOB!

  • However, I love to decorate cakes for holidays and my grandkids birthdays and always find myself baking special "goodies" for TC.

  • I know you will find this very hard to believe, but I love doing the painting. In all the years we have been together, TC has only done one painting project, which was to paint the shed. Ummm...that was 3 years ago, and the white "primer" on the trim has not yet been covered. Perhaps in a year or two it will get done. You might be thinking that I should paint that trim because I love to paint. But...I didn't start the project (other than hiring the landscaper and the contractor), so finishing what TC started is not MY job!

  • I plan all of our vacations, usually two or three a year. Now whether or not he chooses to either work or go with me is his choice. But, oh, how I do love having my "cabana boy" with me!

  • Finally, I love playing game on Facebook, and I'm going to make that MY job!

  • In my own world, do I find myself on a pedestal? Absolutely...and think that's where every woman belongs!

    Every list will not be the same, but please remember, if you don't particularly like doing a certain task, don't do it. Just say,


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