Monday, February 28, 2011

What Would You Do? (Part 2 of 2--What I Did!)

Once again as I watched "What Would You Do?" on Friday night, I recalled an incident in which I totally lost my cool--nothing new to anyone who personally knows me. I admit that I do have a tendency to think before I speak, which is exactly what I did one afternoon while shopping.

My traveling companion Shelly and I were meandering through the underground mall at Bally's in Las Vegas. There seemed to be very few shoppers walking about; and as we rounded a corner, we saw immediately a stunned woman who had obviously fallen and was still sitting on the ground. As we rushed to assist her, I saw a young gentleman, perhaps in his early thirties, exit from a nearby store and walk by this woman ignoring her as though she were part of the decor. (or so I thought)

I came unglued and within seconds was in his face! "What is WRONG with you? Why didn't you help that woman? Can't you see she needs help?" as I pointed in her direction. I couldn't believe that he was being so obnoxious...denying that he had seen her...while I continued to rant and rave at him. Meanwhile, Shelly is making faces at me and obviously trying to tell me something, but I ignored her. After my rampage, the gentleman did return to check on the woman (who had already been helped by others), and Shelly tried to explain to me that she honestly believed the fellow didn't walk directly by her--thus, hadn't seen her as he had tried to tell me. Ohhhhhhh dear me! A lesson well learned for future reference.

....which came the next day I'm sorry to relate to my readers. The two of us were walking down Las Vegas Blvd. when all of a sudden, another fallen woman! Only this time it was ME! 

Within seconds I was surrounded by five or six gentlemen who were all questioning me to see if I was okay and extending their hands to help me from the ground. As I glanced up at Shelly, once again she was making faces at me!  What on earth was she doing this time?

After thanking everyone for their assistance, I turned to Shelly. It seemed that one of the fellas who had rushed to my side was concentrating so hard on helping me that he hadn't realized he was stomping on Shelly's foot the entire time. She was the one in pain, not me! Oh my gosh! We laughed so hard! What a hoot!! Perhaps this could be another scenario for "What Would You Do?"  Shove the fellow on your foot to the ground?  lol

Now back to the Hard Rock Cafe....

Bill, Rita, Terry, and I had a superb dinner that evening, choosing NOT to sit by the window, NOT moving our car to a nearby parking garage, NOT asking our server about the safety of parking on the street, NOT choosing a different restaurant, but to just ENJOY our time together.

As soon as we left the restaurant, the "protector" of our car was immediately at my side asking a variety of questions about our dinner, what we had, was it our favorite, etc. He beamed as he relayed the fact that our car was in perfect condition just as he had promised. He had done a great job!

Yes, he had as I checked to see if the hubcaps were still in place. He gave me that huge grin of his as I reached into my pocket and handed him a $5 bill. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" resonated from both him and me. Naturally, he had to scurry over to Bill and wish him luck in Sunday's Cowboys/Redskins game. Another $5 bill...woo hoo!!

As he held my car door open, I wished him well...."See you the next time!"

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